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Skyway is an iconic American brand with a long tradition of unique designs and quality craftsmanship. Today, the brand continues to manifest its respected reputation through constant innovation. Characterized by the utilization of durable materials to create bold travel statements, Skyway is the perfect companion for the adventurer.

Our luggage does more than hold your possessions. We add functionality to whatever kind of trip you’re taking. We are an extension of your personal style. We make your travel experience better because we stand by the ideals of quality, functionality and modern style.

We have since 1910.

The beginning of an Adventure

The beginning of an adventure
in the Emerald City

Founded in 1910 by A.J. Kotkins, Skyway began operation from Seattle’s Pioneer Square under the name Seattle Suitcase, Trunk and Bag Manufacturing Company. A.J.’s son, Henry Louis Kotkins, joined the business in 1936. With a vision inspired by the growing airline industry and the excitement of air travel, he introduced a line of luggage named “Skyway.” Kotkins’ commitment to delivering high quality products earned him a loyal following of international travelers seeking a reliable-yet-accessible travel experience.


The original Seattle Suitcase Trunk and Bag Manufacturing Company factory was located on 2nd Avenue in Seattle.

Seattle Municipal Archives Photograph Collection

Pioneers in the PNW

Pioneers in the PNW

Over the past century, Skyway has pioneered many luggage innovations and has changed the travel industry. These roots continue to be apparent in the updated luggage designs we produce today.

Skyway Factory on Wall Street, Belltown, Seattle.

UWSC, Hamilton 2649

A history of Trail Blazers
A history of Trail Blazers

A history of trailblazers

Skyway strives to demonstrate how a brand, culture and consumers can be brought together around the same values. At our core, we are a brand devoted to delivering luggage and travel accessories for a community that has a love for adventure, and appreciates user-friendly products that have universal appeal. They value brands that are committed to quality while delivering affordable value. We understand that these are the principles highly valued by our community and are committed to fulfill them.

Our next great adventure
Our next great adventure

Our next great adventure

When it comes to the future at Skyway, we think the sky’s the limit. That’s because we understand the human desire to create new experiences. Indulge our minds, push our boundaries, make new memories, write new chapters. At Skyway, we live for these journeys. We continually strive to craft the highest quality luggage and travel accessories to help you live your best adventures. And we’re proud to be along for the ride as your travel companion.

Let’s go on an adventure together

With thoughtfully crafted collections, designed with the adventurous enthusiasist in mind, we aim to improve travel experiences again and again.

Join us. The journey has just begun.